Diffrence between npm, yarn and npx

As I am new to javascript, day by day I am coming across loads of new questions and I wanted to make sure, nothing should block my progress in JS learning. Here is what I understood.

NPM and Yarn are both package managers. Package Managers is essentially a way to automate the process of installing, upgrading, configuring or removing software.

Facebook has created Yarn to solve the problems they were having while using NPM particularly the problems with consistency, security and speed. Yarn has the same feature set while operating faster, more securely and most importantly more reliable.

npx is mostly used to run scripts located in ./node_modules/. bin , but it has a few other uses, including running commands from a specific version of a package, whereas npm is for installing packages themselves. If you're on linux or a mac, type man npx and you'll see the documentation on its use.

NPX - A tool for executing Node packages.
NPX comes bundled with NPM version 5.2+
NPM by itself does not simply run any package. it doesn't run any package in a matter of fact. 
If you want to run a package using NPM, you must specify that package in your package.json file.

When executables are installed via NPM packages, NPM links to them: local installs have "links" created at ./node_modules/.bin/ directory. global installs have "links" created from the global bin/ directory (e.g. /usr/local/bin) on Linux or at %AppData%/npm on Windows.

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