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Welcome! My name is Roopan Valiya Veetil and this is my tiny corner on the Internet.

I born in the India, got my formal education in Kannur University, Kerala and currently live in Kasargod, Kerala.

12 Years of coding life with various world calss team of developers. Zadego(Austria), AnvilInsights(USA), Clevertech(USA) etc. Right side shown, is my family picture taken a few years ago.

My family pic - Taken a few years ago.
This Blog

I write about things that I find interesting to explore. Often on connecting together different technologies and frameworks with main focus on frontend (was on backend for a few years). Sometimes I go deep to learn more about something I don't understand and document my findings on the way.

Writing helps me think and distill my thoughts. I find it enjoyable.

The idea behind this blog is to build some kind of launchpad for myself, where I can document things and explore ideas.

It will always be under construction. A blog is like a garden. You plant a few seeds and after a while, if you take care of it, the seeds can grow into something beautiful. A place where people, who stop by, can enjoy.

Technical Knowledge

I've done and seen many things throughout my career. Maybe a fullstack developer would accurately describe me, but I really don't like that title. Developer or engineer is a better description.

I started my career as a Sysadmin (Ubuntu)/PHP developer. Later I moved to pure developer role where I have worked with many languages, frameworks and operating systems.

On a professional level I have worked with Javascript, Svelte, Python, PHP, Powershell, Typescript, VB

Some of the frameworks I've built things with include Flask, Yiiframework, Adonis, Sapper, Bulma Frameworks.

When it comes to infrastructure and cloud providers I am very familiar with Linux and various BSD variants. Many different databases as well - GraphQL, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle

Future Predictions

I am a strong beliver that serverless is the future. It will be good enough for 95% of all companies out there.

The trend is shifting toward a DaaS model where we will embrace the modern web and build powerful apps running in the browser. Cloud NoSQL databases will become the main data storage.

Life Principles

I have a few principles that I try to live my life by. Whatever happens happens for a reason. Mistakes and defeats are your best teacher. Life is too short to be taken seriously. Make very few promises and keep them all. Deal with problems you have, not the ones you imagine.


Hunting. Not so much for the shooting part, as for spending time in nature.


I am on Skype as roopan.valiya.veetil. I also have an email. yiioverflow@gmail.com.

Reach out and say hello!

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