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Make sapper run listen to different port

I comeup with one issue today. I wanted to run 2 sapper aplication simultaniously in same erver. When I tried the both sapper applications are trying to listen to same port 3000.

To make sapper listen to another port rather than PORT 3000 you need to pass additional parameter along with npm run start command.

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Setup FREE ssl using cerbot in ubuntu server and Nginx

Today, I experienced an issue on my SSL cert of one of my domain. Finally I decided to use open SSL for my domain. To setup that I had to install "Cerbot" in my ubuntu. I hope you aleady installed Nginx in your machine.

Step 1 -- Installing Certbot

sudo apt install certbot python3-certbot-nginx

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Diffrence between npm, yarn and npx

As I am new to javascript, day by day I am coming across loads of new questions and I wanted to make sure, nothing should block my progress in JS learning. Here is what I understood.

NPM and Yarn are both package managers. Package Managers is essentially a way to automate the process of installing, upgrading, configuring or removing software.

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Create google sitemap in your sapper/svelte project

I have finished almost with my personal blog site http://roopz.club today. My last step is to create on sitemap file in website.

According to google, sitemap files can be in TXT format too. For more details visit the google site.

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Build sapper project and run as daemon PM2

Deploying your sapper project

Once you pulled your sapper project to production server. Do the following steps

npm install
npm run export

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